An essential part of any marketing operation,

your company’s branding needs to be instantly recognisable, while enticing any potential clients

or customers.


At Bates Design, we understand how important it is to make the right first impression, so we will work closely with you to come up with a design that is striking, attractive and distinctly you. For businesses in Lincolnshire and beyond, Bates Design is the answer to your branding questions.

We want to make a difference through design, not just a
nice logo.


A glimpse of a certain colour combination or bold shape should be enough for someone to realise that they are looking at your brand. The logo should transmit some general information about what your company does and what its value are.


A high-quality logo that gets across some important ideas is hugely valuable, and at Bates Design, we will analyse your company and talk to you to understand what exactly what you need to get across with your logo.


Your branding is not just your logo. There are so many other parts of your visual identity that need to be carefully thought out to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand across all of your channels, online and offline.


The team at Bates Design will come up with colours, designs and styles that reflect your values and what your organisation does, while also being aesthetically pleasing.


You understand your brand and know exactly how to present it correctly, but you’re not the only one who is going to be dealing with it. You need to make sure that everyone in your company and anyone outside the organisation that is going to be designing promotional or marketing materials understands exactly what particular shade of blue your brand uses.

At Bates Design, we will produce clearly laid out guidelines that you can point anyone to when they need to understand your branding. Brand guidelines help ensure that your brand is always presented in the correct way:


  • Colour palette, with exact HTML codes

  • Fonts and text spacing

  • Image styles

  • Logo usage, such as minimum size, orientation and spacing

  • Examples of how to present your brand in various forms, including signage, brochures and business cards

  • Copywriting tone of voice

Based in Boston, Lincolnshire, Bates Design will handle all aspects of your branding to ensure that your organisation is presented in the best possible light, across all channels, both on and offline. Get in touch with the team today and we’ll get started on creating something unique for you.

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