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Online is an essential area for your business to excel in. Digital presence will often be the first exposure potential customers will have to your business, so it is crucial to present yourself in

the best light.

However, it is also essential that your site is SEO-friendly to make sure that customers find it in the first place.


At Bates Design, from our headquarters in Boston, Lincolnshire, we will handle all aspects of your digital presence, including web design, SEO and app development.

Naturally, you need
a presence online, you want to communicate clearly on all devices.


The Bates Design team is dedicated to putting together a great site for your organisation. Our web developers and graphic designers will work together

with you and your team to ensure a visually striking and clearly-laid out site

that encourages engagement. A well-designed website provides an air of professionalism and encourages customers to trust you.


Good web design isn’t just aesthetics - our team will make sure that your site

is easily navigable, loads quickly and is optimised to work on all screen sizes, including smartphone. Our fast and quality web development means that

your organisation will have a robust online presence in no time.


A well-designed website is great, but what’s the point if no one ever sees it?

A website designed with SEO in mind means that you will benefit from a larger web presence and will show up higher in the search rankings.


That’s why the team at Bates Design also includes SEO experts, to guarantee an organic web presence that will let people admire your well-designed site. Take advantage of those millions of people searching the internet for what they want and make sure that your site is there to give it to them.


The Bates Design team also includes app development experts to create killer apps for any number of purposes. Mobile is the platform where marketing needs to be focused and apps are a great way of ensuring that your customers keep you in mind, and in hand, when they are on the go.


We can design you an app that customers will really appreciate and find genuinely useful. Regular and positive interaction between you and your customers is essential for your marketing − boost your customer engagement and increase your ROI with our rapid-development apps.

For a large and positive digital presence, look no further than Bates Design. We are based in Boston, Lincolnshire and we are ready to help you, so get in touch today and see how our web design, SEO and app development expertise can transform your digital presence.

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