• Callum Bates

Why a Good Logo Is Essential for Businesses

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Logos are part of popular culture; think of the McDonalds ‘M’, the Nike tick, the Domino’s… domino. These are all instantly recognisable, even without the name of the company and we, the consumers, immediately think of their product when we see them. Big companies can spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions on coming up with a new logo because they appreciate just how important they are to their brand. Logos are enormously important and it is essential that you think about it carefully when considering yours.

First impressions

Very often, the first exposure to your company that customers and clients will have is your logo, so make sure it makes a good impression. A logo should get across certain ideas about your company and what it does, such as the products/service it sells. If you can put positive thoughts into potential customers and clients’ heads, then your interaction with them will start off on the right foot and they will be more open to doing business with you.

Easier and more effective branding

A good logo doesn’t just look good on a sign, it also looks good on a mug, in a brochure and on packaging. Make sure that your logo is designed with all branding requirements in mind; this means ensuring it is just as effective when blown up huge or shrunk down. A versatile logo will help your branding and marketing effort so much. If the logo is too simplistic, then you run the risk of not catching the eye of consumers, but an overly-complex one might be difficult to see when small and is less likely to age well.

Stand out from the crowd

If a customer is presented with several options to select from, you'

ll want to make sure that your company is the one they choose. The factors that determine which one they go for could be something as seemingly unimportant as the logo that catches their eye and that they like the best. Utilising colour and bold designs, whether simple or complex, is a surefire way to stand out from your competition.


With service companies, especially, customers want to be sure that you are going to do a high-quality and thorough job for them. Professionalism is how your business comes across, both in person and through your marketing. A professional logo will inspire confidence in customers that your business is the real deal and has some money to spend on high-quality branding.

Brand loyalty

Remember the outcry when Leeds United changed their crest earlier this year? Or when clothing brand Gap changed its logo in 2010? Without realising it, consumers are fostering loyalty to certain brands and logos, and a redesign can galvanise these feelings. A good logo won’t create this fierce brand loyalty by itself, you also need to offer a great service/product that people continue to use and appreciate. However, starting things off with the right logo can help your company develop the kind of brand that people get so passionate about in the first place.

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