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Whether a company is evolving or new to the industry, we work with business and organisations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers and define their goals.


A glimpse of a certain colour combination or bold shape should be enough for someone to realise that they are looking at your brand. The logo should transmit some general information about what your company does and what its value are.


A high-quality logo that gets across some important ideas is hugely valuable, and at Bates Design, we will analyse your company and talk to you to understand what exactly what you need to get across with your logo.


Your branding is not just your logo. There are so many other parts of your visual identity that need to be carefully thought out to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand across all of your channels, online and offline.


The team at Bates Design will come up with colours, designs and styles that reflect your values and what your organisation does, while also being aesthetically pleasing.


Positioning is the heart of a brand. It defines what a brand is, its benefits and competitive advantages, and what it means to the target market. In short, brand positioning establishes an emotional connection with your customers. It's how you want your company to be perceived in their minds and among competitors.

Competitor Audit

A thorough competitive analysis is critical for any emerging or evolving business. This process identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a brand's competitive landscape, allowing your company to better understand the market, target customers more effectively, and make intelligent decisions about how to grow your brand.

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